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Mr and Mrs Jules Lemelletier

Farmers on the farm of Artilly and at Lude in Donville

Mr and Mrs Jules Lemelletier, farmer at artilly's farm during the battle of NormandyA group of American paratroopers was spotted June 6, 1944 in the morning, along the railway passing so close to the manor Lude. The family of leaving the farm Artilly because the Germans occupied the property places that US paratroopers are hidden only a few meters from the house …

A group of American paratroopers which included the Janelle corporal, launched the onslaught of farm June 12 in mid-afternoon. The Germans had to leave the place but attacked the same day against forcing the Americans to retreat towards the village of Pommenauque by swimming across the swamp. Reinforcements helped the Americans launched a second offensive on June 13 against the Germans who continued the fight in the avenue from the farm to the house of guard barrier. They had installed a cannon in front of the small house. It was then that the captain of the US paratroopers group threw a grenade spraying one of two servants of the piece 88. The German soldier who survived had time to kill the American captain. This is the Jannel corporal who eliminated a rifle shot the German soldier. The rest of the Germans retreated in the direction of Donville mansion. The family was part Lemelletier refuge for two days with other people in a farmhouse outside Donville. From there they heard the terrifying sounds of battle in the chapel of Donville. They saw the Germans to fetch water. The next day they are Jeeps and American tanks they saw …

In total 44 people took refuge in Sartilly and Lude a little before 12 June 1944. They last all flee these two farms for their lives.


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