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Information : Les visites et l'entrée au musée sont payantes (gratuit pour les enfants de - de 5 ans)
Les visites guidées en juillet et août sont faites uniquement sur réservation toute la semaine par affinité de langue (Français et Anglais)

10th Reenactment Camp of the Battle of Bloody Gulch at Méautis

The Memorial museum of Bloody Gulch situated within the manor house of Donville to Carentan and sponsored by Bob Noody, American parachutist of 101 airborme division, organizes are 10 ème camp of reconstruction from Thursday, May 31st till Thursday, June 07th, 2018. As every year the shows(entertainments), the animations and the guided tours of the battlefield will be organized. Although the program is not definitive here is an overview of the animations proposed during this period:

The program

From 9am to 18pm – From May, 31th to June, 7th of 2018

  • Reenactment camp with allied, German and civilian vehicles, tents, equipment.
  • Guided tours of the battlefield, the museum, the archaeological remains of the battle and the manor house of Donville, the former(old) headquarter of the SS and the German parachutists
  • Animation of a school of 1944  (only for guided tours)
  • Exceptional exhibition of bikes and civil materials(equipments) of the 1920s in 1944 in the court(yard) of the manor with demonstrations and explanations

Exceptional evenings

Nocturnal Pageant Shows on the Battle of Bloody Gulch

  • Friday 01 June at 10:45 pm
  • Saturday, June 2nd at 10:45 pm
  • Sunday, June 03 at 10:45 pm


Jazz concert on Saturday, June 02nd at 8:30 pm in the court(yard) of the manor house

Refreshment room and coffee(café) grocer’s shop of 1944 (held of recommended time(period))

With : La compagnie de danse “les petits pas ” de la ville de la Glacerie proche de Cherbourg

Concert de jazz méautis juin 2018

And shows and animations all day!

Wednesday, June 6 at 5pm : Day show(entertainment) on the battle of hedges(hurdles)

Demonstrations during guided tours on the techniques of fight in hedges(hurdles).

With La compagnie de danse “les petits pas “

Reception and accommodation

  • Rent an American officer’s tent from 1944 to sleep or organize a dinner. Informations on this page
  • For people in period and material outfits: possibility of camping on the site in the reconstruction camp.
  • For civilian dress: opportunities to camp outside the camp.  


  • Entrance to the reconstruction camps: free
  • Night shows: 10 € / person (free for children under 7 years old)
  • Concert: free
  • Guided tours of the battlefield: from 5 to 7.50 €  ((see all details on our dedicated page))

Feel free  to contact us via the contact form if you have any questions.

D Day festival 2019 Bloody Gulch Memorial Museum May 31- June 12, 2019
72th anniversary of D-Day
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