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History and stories … The Memorial and the Manor, one place, two eras

Find here the events organized by the owner around major themes: the battle of Bloody Gulch during the landing of the Allied troops in Normandy and the history of the Manor of Donville which begins in the 11th century!


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74th Anniversary of the D-Day – Festivities May-June 2018

10th Reenactment Camp of the Battle of Bloody Gulch at Méautis The Memorial museum of Bloody Gulch situated within the manor house of Donville to Carentan and sponsored by Bob Noody, American parachutist of 101 airborme division, organizes are 10 ème camp of...

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72th anniversary of D-Day

Reconstitution camp Bloody Gulch – From 2 to 7 June 2016: exceptional program of events to commemorate the Battle of Normandy! Discover life-size the lives of American and German soldiers but also civilians. reconstitution camp Lunchtime performances as experienced by the soldiers, visits … If you want to camp in the Memorial, thank you to book your tickets quickly in or

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Les fantômes du manoir à l’honneur pour la Toussaint 2016 !

Les propriétaires du manoir de Donville à Carentan  vous proposent pour la sixième année consécutive de passer une soirée inoubliable sur les traces des revenants et des fantômes de la propriété le vendredi 28 et le samedi 29 octobre 2016 à 20h00 et 21h30 pour fêter...

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June 2017 : reconstitution camp about D-day landing

Reconstitution camp Bloody Gulch - June 2017 Bloody Gulch Memorial commemorates the Battle of Normandy From 31 of may to 8 of June 2017, the Memorial of Bloody Gulch invites you to exceptional events to commemorate the Battle of Normandy in which perished so many men,...

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The ghosts of the mansion in the spotlight!

As part of Heritage Days 2016 Manor Donville participate in the European Heritage Days on 17 and 18 September 2016 with a guided tour by candlelight on the theme of the ghosts of the mansion. The manor will open normally closed to the public rooms such as the living...

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