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The Battle of Bloody Gulch and Hill 30 in 1944 and its remains

Guided tours memorial Bloody Gulch

We offer individual and group centered around a unique tour of military archeology with the owner of the memorial in two languages (French and English-American). A long and meticulous work of memory was conducted from the archives of the manor and written traces left by the occupants of the area in 1947.

  • Discover an exceptional place remained empty all the modern constructions
  • Look at the place where they were left, archaeological remains of the Battle of Bloody Gulch which opposed the US paratroopers of the 101st Airborne (Easy compagny, Fox compagny) to SS 17th Panzer Division Grenader helped German paratroopers of the 6th regiment. Several tons of ammunition were removed by demining services but many items were left behind such as helmets, guns, boxes of ammunition … remained in position since June 1944
  • Touch, wear, “feel” the original equipment as the soldiers felt. No other museum in Normandy currently offers this unique experience!

The tour lasts 1:15 and consists of

  • Visiting the cemetery chapel Donville where rests the bodies of civilians shot by the SS, the battlefield and its archaeological remains
  • Visiting the museum which displays exceptional pieces
  • The path inside the mansion where the moving traces remain of the fighting to clinch that inspired Steven Spielberg’s film script “Saving Private Ryan

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Price list


Groups from 15 person10€ / Person
School groups (below 10 years)6€ / child
School groups (11 to 15 years)8€
Price for one adult12.5 € / Person
Price for one child (5 to 12 years)7€
Student, Jobseeker7€


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