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Information : Les visites et l'entrée au musée sont payantes (gratuit pour les enfants de - de 5 ans)

The land of Donville and manor house are cited since 1079 in the town of Méautis. He is the only mansion in “bauge” to our knowledge to be protected in France by the historical monuments but also its external elements of interior design. Fully decorated with antique furniture magnificent manor from the Cotentin has been a sharp recovery through the archives found on the property and particularly the probate inventories.

The Donville’s manor can be visited with the owner who does not fail to count surprising stories and show the public the secret hiding

Visit the donville manor in normandy

A story told from 1079

The paper writes the oldest found to date on Donville is a copy of a charter written in Latin to 1079 in which we learn that Robert Méautis, lord of the place and the parish, gives the right of patronage and presentation chaplains of Donville in the Saint-Etienne Caen. The original charter was gone, but a faithful copy of the document was made in the 19th century and still exists. The donation, which was actually a disguised sale was confirmed in 1088 by Richard, King of England and Duke of Normandy. Read more…

Only building “bauge” classified France

Manor Donville consists partly of mass walls specialists call lair. It is a mixture of clay, stripped of topsoil, water and a binder (straw, lime stones). The land was taken on site by the workers in charge of construction. She was trampled either by animals or by farm staff. Mixing lasted the time it took to get a perfect elasticity that is to say sufficiently flexible without being too rigid.
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Donville's manor in Meautis an historical monument

Restoration: passion and courage

Manor Donville converted farmhouse from the 19th century was in a near state of ruin when its new owners decided to buy it and restore it in 1999. The lack of maintenance was nearly overcome one of only mass mansions still standing in the park of the Cotentin and Bessin. The unique advantage of this situation was probably to find in the state of original features that had survived the centuries: fireplaces, paneling, floors, decorative elements all dating from the 17th and 18th centuries.
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Les Jardins du Manoir de Donville NOrmandie

Reviving the gardens of Donville

The gardens have always occupied an important place in the manor of Donville. The constant references found in the archives since the 18th century are significant. Donville was with a large greenhouse in which were grown exotic plants, a large ornamental garden theme available in three terraces, a vegetable garden needed for food crops and later in the 19th century a English park with pond. Upon acquisition of Donville in 1999, there was nothing left of these gardens had to be refined. Read more…

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