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    Donville’s Manor – Mémorial and Museum of Bloody Gulch

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    The Battle of Bloody Gulch


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    The Battle of Bloody Gulch and Hill 30 to Donville in 1944 and its remains: inter-active visit, work senses (smell, touch and wear the original equipment). Discover the fascinating history of the couple Bucaille, remnants of the battle found on-site grocery store coffee, sheltered civilians, the museum and its exceptional collection.

    History of the Manor of Donville


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    Visit and discover the interior and exterior of the Manor of Donville. Through its tours, Franck Feuardent invites you to relive the history of a Norman manor house that has survived the centuries and the upheavals. Since the De Méautis to the bloody days of the Battle of Normandy, the Manor unveils its secrets …

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    Each year the Memorial Bloody Gulch Museum organizes life-size reconstructions. They are an opportunity to commemorate the Battle of Normandy in which perished so many men, women and children in 1944. In June 2016, the focus will be on some 23,000 civilians who died in Normandy.

    Tent rental – US Squad II


    During historical reconstitution

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    During the reconstitution of the Battle of Bloody Gulch that we organize every year. You have the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the time by renting a tent US Squad II in 1944. A tent as those used by American soldiers. Contact the Memorial for more information.


    Manor of Donville near Méautis

    Address : Manoir de Donville,  Carentan Méautis,  50500 Méautis, Normandie, France

    Take the direction of Carentan and follow the brown signs.
    Ample parking on site.

    Tel :
    GSM :

    GPS : 49.296486, -1.281871

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